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 About Frank Noe

Now and then
Serving the market ever since 1985, Frank Noe has an enviable reputation for technical expertise and production-based capabilities thanks to its deep knowledge of technologies and specialization in manufacturing and supplying an extensive range of fine plastic parts for prestigious pharmaceutical, diagnostic, cosmetic and engineering industries around Egypt. Having said that, it is of no coincidence that Frank Noe’s ownership is in German hands.

Frank Noe started operations by manufacturing plastic packaging for pharmaceuticals only. With constant development, efforts and research, Frank Noe, was able to expand its activities and prove itself within the market as an essential provider of top-quality materials. Now, after standing its reputation on firm pillars of quality and technology, Frank Noe product range has expanded in scope therefore responding to specific requirements according to market changes and now serves three major sectors: plastic packaging, plastic parts, and assembled units.

 Vision and Mission

Our Vision
To be distinguished regionally as the foremost provider and supplier of high-quality plastic parts and packaging for Pharmaceutical, Engineering and Cosmetic industries.


Our Mission
At Frank Noe, we abide by the highest standards to work as interconnected teams within a team, while keeping our clients our utmost priority throughout all operations to offer them top-of-the-line quality and innovations in the industry of plastic parts.